Final member of the cast: Mya Miller!

A Buffalo native, Mya is a veteran of YMCA Theater Camp, and has starred in roles such as Ursula in Little Mermaid: The Reversal, Kaa in The Jungle Book and Carla in The Carnival. She was most recently cast as young Scarlet in the upcoming Netflix series, Daddy's Girl Club, directed by Phil Davis, which will explore the impact of childhood trauma.

Working under the guidance of mentors, Sarielys Matos and Candace Whitfield, Mya has developed her talent for theatre and film. Mya has acquired a skill for accents, currently sharpening her British and Russian accents.

Mya's love for the performing arts has driven her to be active in chorus and band, where she plays the flute. In addition, Mya enjoys ballet and hip hop dance. Mya's talents extend to the visual arts as she has won several recognitions including "Artist of the Year" at the Boys & Girls Club of the Northtowns for her painting and sketching skills.

Mya is currently working on attaining the next level in Kung Fu, actively learning monkey and crane styles at Gold Summit Martial Arts Institute. Mya's aspiration is to work with Angelina Jolie and Jack Black in the next Kung Fu Panda.

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