Director of Photography - Lara Aqel

We've locked down an incredibly talented DP for the film!

Lara Aqel has lived and shot on three continents. Worldwide, she has worked on commercials, short films, features, and various doc-style projects. While studying directing, screenwriting, and producing at a film school in Sydney, Australia, Lara had the epiphany that she could marry her various passions- movies, storytelling, photography, and working with a team- into one infinitely rewarding career. As a cinematographer, Lara has never looked back. Lara draws inspiration from photojournalism because it’s about “that one shot that has to say it all.” She knows how to maximize production value within the constraints of a budget and loves when location is also a “character.” She strives to create evocative imagery borne out of story and subtext. Most of all, Lara welcomes a director’s creative challenge and any opportunity to play with genre.

Check out her work at!

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